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University of Wisconsin–Madison

HRPP Newsletter

The UW Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) distributes a newsletter that aims to inform members of the research community on issues relating to human research protections. Frequent newsletter topics include important information about the HRPP, new or updated resources and training opportunities available to study teams, and common findings from routine post approval monitoring reviews.

The HRPP newsletter is distributed to all principal investigators and points of contact that are currently conducting human participants research as well as those who have joined the listserv. Instructions for joining the listserv can be found at the bottom of this page.

HRPP Newsletter Archive

Subscribing to the HRPP Newsletter: Please email if you would like to receive HRPP Newsletter notifications. Investigators and Points of Contact are encouraged to inform other key members of their study team(s) to join the listserv.



The two campus IRB offices maintain newsletters with information and announcements relevant to their researchers.

  • For researchers conducting research approved by the Education and Social Behavioral IRB, an archive of the ED/SBS newsletter can be found here.
  • For researchers conducting research approved by the Health Sciences or Minimal Risk IRB, an archive of the HS/MR IRB newsletter can be found here.