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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Organization Chart

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education oversees more than $1 billion in annual research expenditures, a figure that puts the University of Wisconsin–Madison as the number four university in the nation for volume of research. The office also includes administration of 17 cross-campus research and service centers and maintains oversight of the Graduate School, which has an annual budget of $160 million and as well as responsibility for 9,400 graduate students in 150 master’s and 120 doctoral fields. The leadership team consists of faculty and staff members representing the various disciplines of research and graduate education, including administration, physical sciences, biological sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. In addition, an extensive network of operational support is in place to support the office’s mission.

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  • Norman Drinkwater, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
    • Steve Ackerman, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Physical Sciences
      • Tom Demke, Compliance Officer, Export Control
    • Cynthia Czajkowski, Associate Vice Chancellor fore Research, Biological Sciences
      • Rebecca Moritz, Responsible Officer, Select Agents
    • Jan Greenberg, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Social Sciences
    • Florence Hsia, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, Arts and Humanities
    • Nadine Connor, Associate Vice Chancellor, Research Policy and Compliance
      • Lynn Haynes, Director of Office of Research Compliance
    • Brian Fox, Associate Vice Chancellor, Research Policy and Integrity
    • Natasha Kassulke, Manager of Strategic Communications
    • Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Research Centers
      • Aquatic Sciences Center
      • Arboretum
      • Biotechnology Center
      • Biotron
      • Cell & Mollecular Biology
      • Institute on Aging
      • Molecular Virology
      • Primate Research Center
      • Physical Sciences Lab
      • Research and Sponsored Programs
      • Research Animal Resources and Compliance
      • Space Science & Engineering
      • UW Press
      • Waisman Center
      • Wisconsin Energy Institute
      • Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
      • WIPAC (IceCube)
      • Stem Cell
    • Petra Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor, Research Administration
      • Julie Karpelenia, Assistance Vice Chancellor, Human Resources (Research)
      • Kathleen Ruby, Assistant in the office of the Vice Chancellor
      • Nick Novak, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Services
        • Isabelle Girard, Director, Office of Campus Research Cores
      • Russell Schwalbe, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Accounting (Research)
        • Laila Robbins, Project Administrator
      • Mark Wegener, Director of Information Technology (Research)
      • Peggy Ziebarth, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
    • Kim Moreland, Associate Vice Chancellor, Research and Sponsored Programs
      • Robert Andresen, Associate Director, Post-Award Services
      • Vacant, Associate Director, Pre-Award Services
      • Mark Sweet, Director, eRA
    • William Karpus, Dean, Graduate School