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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Conference Travel (ON HOLD)

For questions regarding conference travel contact Vielska Brautigam at

All university-sponsored travel is cancelled and the OVCRGE Conference Travel program is on temporary hold.  If an individual wishes to request an exception, that should be routed through the academic dean or vice chancellor responsible for their unit. The OVCRGE will only review exception requests from employees of OVRGE units or centers. Please see the Chancellor’s message to Campus at


All university-sponsored domestic travel is cancelled through Aug. 17, with limited exceptions from academic deans or vice chancellors. People who travel regularly as part of their job (such as Extension workers covering several counties) will typically continue to do so, but should check with their deans or other unit directors.

We strongly advise you to reconsider non-essential personal travel, including travel over Spring Break. Documented cases are growing rapidly both domestically and internationally. You may face a higher risk of infection, significant delays returning, and/or the requirement to self-isolate upon your return, all of which could significantly impact your professional and personal obligations at great individual expense.

All campus community members should be aware that if you travel, you may be required to self-isolate for 14 days depending on where you’re traveling to and from, even if you do not exhibit symptoms.

You can view a list of currently impacted areas that require a self-quarantine here: