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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Support for Artists’ Residencies

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR), in partnership with the School of Education and the College of Letters & Science, is pleased to announce a new program for support of artists’ residencies for faculty members in the School of Education and L&S. Residencies enable artists to develop relationships with others in their field as well as to establish contacts with the museum curators, critics and programmers who can help disseminate their work and give it national or international impact. Residencies provide an important avenue to increase the visibility and productivity of UW–Madison artists and performers.

Salary support will be offered for residencies of considerable prestige and length, at least two months and up to 4.5 months. (For shorter residencies, applicants are encouraged to utilize summers or the winter break and to apply for salary support to the Fall Competition.) For residencies that do not entail any sort of salary stipend, the applicant’s salary will be split between the OVCR (two thirds of 4.5 ninths) and the recipient’s tenure-home school or college (one third of 4.5 ninths). For residencies that do entail a salary stipend, the OVCR and the school/ college will provide a two-thirds/one-third split of the amount necessary to make the salary whole.

Requests for residency support must come through the relevant department chair bearing the approval of both department chair and the dean of the school/college. A maximum of two requests per school or college will be funded each year. Requests will be reviewed by a committee composed of the following:

1) the Associate Vice Chancellor (AVC) for Arts and Humanities in the OVCR,

2) the Associate Dean for the Arts in the SoE,

3) the Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities in L&S,

4) three past or present members of the Research Committee that represent the Arts.

For consideration by the review committee, requests should be submitted to the school or college by the 1st of November and April each year.

Requests for support will be evaluated in terms of the faculty member’s record of accomplishment, the prestige of the entity offering the residency, and the likely impact of the residency on the faculty member’s artistic production and visibility in his or her field. Applicants for the program should submit a description of the residency, a copy of the award letter or letter of invitation to participate in the residency, and a CV to their department chair. If the chair approves, he or she will then forward the request to the AVC for Arts and Humanities and the relevant associate dean in the school or college for consideration.