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University of Wisconsin–Madison

University Research Council

Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, Marsha Mailick, announces the appointment of the University Research Council (URC). The URC will provide advice and consultation to the leadership team of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE) regarding the research enterprise on campus. At a future date, to be decided by the VCRGE and the University Committee (UC), the UC and Senate will incorporate URC functions into Faculty Policy & Procedures (FP&P), constituting it as the governance body for the VCRGE.

More Information on the Secretary of the Faculty site

The members of the URC include representation from the four divisions, as well as faculty, academic staff, and classified staff. URC members are expected to represent the interests of the university community at large.

URC Members

  • Paul Ahlquist — Departments of Oncology & Plant Pathology, Institute for Molecular Virology
  • Mark Anderson — Department of Engineering Physics
  • Barbara Bowers — School of Nursing
  • Mark Cook — Department of Animal Sciences
  • Kevin Eliceiri — Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Susan Hagness — Engineering Dean’s Office, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Susan Lederer — Department of Medical History & Bioethics
  • Miron Livny — Department of Computer Sciences
  • Marsha Mailick — Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (Chair)
  • Jack Porter — Department of Economics
  • Carol Ryff — Institute on Aging, Department of Psychology
  • Kathryn Smith — Waisman Center
  • Elliott Sober — Department of Philosophy