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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Leadership Team

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

Graduate School


Our mission is to provide exceptional administrative accounting and financial services to assist and educate Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and Graduate School staff, faculty, and other stakeholders. Our goal is to provide accurate and timely financial information and education services and practical fiscal guidance to our end-users: funding award recipients, funding award administrators, faculty, staff, and campuswide accounting and business services staff.

Campus Research Cores

Research cores are centralized, shared research resources that provide access to instruments, technologies, services, as well as expert consultation, training, and other services to campus researchers.

  • Isabelle Girard
    Director of the Office of Campus Research Cores
    350 Bascom Hall
  • Dagna Sheerar
    Interim Co-Director of the Office of Campus Research Cores

Export Control

The Export Control Office is responsible for assisting campus researchers and staff in complying with the federal government’s export control regulations, namely International Traffic in Arms Regulations, Export Administration Regulations, and Office of Foreign Asset Control.  This is accomplished by establishing programs to assess research projects; train staff on requirements and procedures; review Visa applications; assist researchers in interpreting regulations; and submit export licenses as required.

  • Tom Demke
    Export Control Compliance Officer
    1225 W. Dayton Street
    Madison, WI 53706
  • Bethany Nelson
    Export Control Coordinator
    519 Atmospheric Oceanic & Space Science
    1225 W. Dayton Street
  • Ben Griffiths
    Senior University Legal Counsel
    361 Bascom Hall

Human Resources

We strive to create a welcoming and diverse environment. A fundamental principle we hold is to be honest, ethical and treat all human resource situations with integrity. We treat others fairly and with respect and aim to provide quality customer service to all of our customers, both internal and external.


    Information Technology

    The information technology office is responsible for many mission-critical systems, applications, and administrative tools, including the graduate student application for admission, student record and degree processing tools, conflict of interest reporting tools, applications supporting research funding, and the system for preparing, submitting, reviewing, and managing applications for research oversight.




      Research Compliance

      The Office of Research Compliance develops and coordinates policy and oversight of human research subject protections, activities associated with research animal care and use, and the stem cell oversight program.

      • Nadine Connor
        Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Policy and Compliance
        321 Bascom Hall
      • Lynn Haynes
        Director of Office of Research Compliance
        205 Bascom Hall
      • Heather McFadden
        Director of RCR Education, Stem Cell Research Oversight Manager
        203 Bascom Hall
      • VACANT
        Quality Assurance & Human Research Protection Program Manager


      Research Policy and Integrity

      The Office of Research Policy and Integrity ensures and advances a climate of ethical behavior and research integrity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison through outside activity reporting and conflict of interest monitoring, research-related facility use tracking, research training recording, and oversight of research affiliations with external organizations.

      • Brian Fox
        Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Policy and Integrity
        350 Bascom Hall
      • Sam Leinweber
        Conflict of Interest Program Specialist
        201 Bascom Hall
      • Stephanie LeRoy
        Conflict of Interest Program Specialist
        201 Bascom Hall
      • Heather McFadden
        Director of RCR Education, Stem Cell Research Oversight Manager
        203 Bascom Hall

      Research Services

      The Office of Research Services provides oversight of research administration for research centers and support of campus-wide research functions requiring central coordination. We help ensure effective and efficient central coordination of various functions for campus, including: institutional and limited grant nominations, coordination of the UW–Madison/UW–Milwaukee Intercampus Grants program, equity review of university invention disclosures, serving as a resource for faculty and other researchers for IP policy and ownership issues, research policy issues, and any central coordination of grant proposals. The office also provides oversight to pre- and post-award grants and contracts administration to ensure compliance with applicable laws, policies and guidance.

      • Nick Novak
        Assistant Vice Chancellor, Research Services
        317 Bascom Hall
      • Amber Jensen
        Administrative Program Specialist
        317 Bascom Hall
      • Kristin Harmon
        Intellectual Property Disclosure Specialist
        317 Bascom Hall
      • Lee Jankoski
        Intellectual Property Disclosure Specialist
        317 Bascom Hall

      Research and Sponsored Programs

      Research and Sponsored Programs promotes and facilitates the research, education, and outreach missions of the University of Wisconsin–Madison by supporting and administering extramurally sponsored programs.

      • Kim Moreland
        Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, Director Research and Sponsored Programs
        Room 6428
        21 N. Park Street
      • Mark Sweet
        Director of Grant and Contract Services
        Room 6432
        21 N. Park Street
      • Robert Andresen
        Director of Research Financial Services
        Room 6310
        21 N. Park Street

      Special Projects and Communications

      The managers for communications and special projects are responsible for the planning, development, management and implementation of program-specific special projects, and meeting its communications needs for internal and external audiences. This includes projects such as UW2020 awards, website content management, reports, and public presentations and materials.