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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship Administration 2021-22

WDGF Transition

In Fiscal Year 18 (July 1, 2017) WDGF accounts underwent a transition.  The original role of WARF in this program was to provide matching funds for the initial 10 years, beginning in 1998; we have gone well beyond the horizon of the match.  WARF has offered some funding through Fiscal Year 2022 to provide a soft landing, and accounts will be handled as described below through a transition period.  Please also note that the flexible fund portion of the fellowship was eliminated effective July 1, 2017.

WDGF accounts have been divided into two categories:

Accounts for which donor agreements stipulate supplemental funds on an on-going basis:

These accounts are referred to as UWF managed WDGF accounts.
These accounts will receive supplemental funds from UWF starting as of July 1, 2017.  Information regarding management of these accounts will be available on the WDGF tab within the Fund Information view in the UWF Advancement Resources tool.

Accounts for which there are no donor agreements stipulating an on-going match:

These accounts are referred to as Graduate School managed WDGF accounts.
Graduate School managed WDGFs continue to receive matching funds from WARF through June 30, 2022.  After that date,  these accounts will be released from the program and departments may use the UWF accounts to support fellowships as earnings allow.  The process for matching these awards through June of 2022 will remain the same as in the past.

A complete list of accounts identified as UWF-managed or Graduate School-managed can be found here.

2021-22 Fellowship Rates & Total Cost of Fellowship

Academic: $22,909

Non-Dissertator Dissertator
Academic Stipend $22,909 $22,909
Fringe Benefits Estimated $4,673 $4,673
Tuition – Estimated * $11,049 $2,908
Segregated Fees – Estimated $1,495 $628
Total $40,126 $31,118

* Resident rates, 8 credits per semester for pre-dissertators; 3 credits per semester for dissertators

Annual: $28,000

Non-Dissertator Dissertator
Annual Stipend $28,000 $28,000
Fringe Benefits Estimated $5,712 $5,712
Tuition – Estimated * $12,430 $4,361
Segregated Fees – Estimated $1,673 $882
Total $47,815 $38,955

* Resident rates, 8 credits per semester plus 2 credits per summer for pre-disserators; 3 credits per semester plus 3 credits per summer for dissertators

Helpful Hints

  • Use only Account Code 5712 for payrolling annual fellows and use only Account Code 5732 for payrolling academic fellows. Use Program 9 for all payroll transactions.
  • Do not use Account Codes 2710 and 2714 for payrolling fellows.
  • Use only Account Code 5713 and Program 9 for tuition payments.
  • Download the appropriate Fellowship Tuition Remission Authorization Form.

Waiver of Out-of-State Portion of Tuition

Non-residents of Wisconsin who are appointed as Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellows are eligible for a remission of the out-of-state portion of tuition and fees. Each semester, the appointing department must initiate a request to the Graduate School for this remission. Download the appropriate Fellowship Tuition Remission Authorization Form. Submit completed forms directly to the Bursar’s Office secure website.

Third-Party Deferral of In-State Tuition and Segregated Fees

In-State tuition and fees should be charged directly to the Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships accounts. One-half of each semester’s in-state tuition and segregated fees should be deferred to the Department’s 233 account and the other half to the associated 135 account. Each semester, the appointing department must send a memo or e-mail the Bursar’s Office to arrange this deferral. This request does not go through the OVCRGE. Please refer to the Bursar’s 3rd Party Deferral Policy Bursar’s 3rd Party Deferral Policy for the information to send when making this request. Once the deferral is set up, the Bursar’s Office will send the Fellow’s invoice for tuition and segregated fees to the department contact for payment. Put both the department’s 233 and the associated 135 account coding on the invoice and send it to Accounting Services for payment.

Additional Guidelines

  • Fellows are eligible for health insurance. Contact your department’s fringe benefits counselor for more information.
  • During their fellowship, fellows must register for and maintain a minimum of eight graduate credits each semester (courses 300 or above), and a minimum of two credits during the eight week summer session. Dissertators are required to register for three dissertator credits each term including the eight week summer session. It is the responsibility of the department to verify that your fellows are fully registered.
  • Graduate School Managed WDGFs must be split evenly between UW Foundation funds (233) and VCRGE funds (135).  UWF Managed WDGFs must be paid entirely on the UW Foundation (233) account.
  • Sending out appointment letters to the fellows is a responsibility of the department.
  • It is the responsibility of each department to monitor the amount available at the UW Foundation in their WDGF accounts. This is necessary to determine how often a department may offer a fellowship.
  • After June 2022, the 135 WDGF accounts will be closed by the OVCRGE and the WDGF program will consist only of UWF/233 accounts.