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University of Wisconsin–Madison

HRPP Newsletter June 2021

Minimal Risk Research Board Merger

As mentioned in our April newsletter, the ED/SBS and the MR IRB will merge into a new Minimal Risk Research IRB (MRR IRB) in June. This committee will review all minimal risk research, including educational studies (k-12, college and medical school), social and behavioral studies, and most minimal risk biomedical studies.  Any study that requires FDA oversight or is done at the VA or with VA funding will be reviewed by the HSIRB, regardless of risk level. The membership of the committee will be drawn from the current ED/SBS and MR IRB committees.  The committee will meet twice a month to ensure timely review of protocols. The first meeting of the MRR committee is scheduled for June 28th.  A link to all meeting dates can be found on the new IRB website. 

June Toolkit Updates- What to Expect

Based on feedback received so far, Toolkit documents are being reviewed and updated starting this month with roll-out of the revised documents targeted for mid-July, including an updated Investigator Manual with increased navigation functionality. Depending on the extent and nature of the revisions, training sessions for researchers may be planned.

Remember that study teams are encouraged to provide feedback at any time using the online Toolkit Feedback form. New feedback will be considered for the December updates.

Upcoming Protocol Template Training Sessions- Register Now!

The IRB will be offering two training sessions on choosing the right protocol template for your research project.  This session targets study teams who plan to use the new Protocol Based Application for any of the following:

  • Biomedical studies involving more than minimal risk OR multiple interventions
  • Clinical trials
  • Studies investigating drugs or devices and
  • Registry and Repository studies

The first session will be held June 14th at 10am CST and the second will be June 28th at 2pm CST.  Registration is required.


  • The Cede Application will be updated in June to:
      • add reminder to contact RELIANT before submitting a cede request for studies that could be exempt
      • remove question asking why a study is being ceded
      • add question about drugs and devices


  • RELIANT will host an information session to cover Reliance Related Toolkit documents, June 22nd at 1 p.m.  Register for this session via the OHRD Catalog.  A recording will be made available on the IEP webpage.

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