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University of Wisconsin–Madison

HRPP Newsletter August 2022

Relocation of IRB Staff from Lathrop Hall 

Due to upcoming renovations in Lathrop and limited space availability after renovations are complete, IRB staff who are currently located in Lathrop will be permanently moving to new locations on campus on August 25th.

Casey Pellien and Laura Conger will be moving to the University Bay Office Building, where most other IRB staff are located. To still maintain a central campus presence, Steph Wilson and Olyvia Kuchta will be moving to Bascom Hall. Staff can continue to be contacted via email or at their current phone numbers.

If you have any questions, please contact

Update to Institutional Consent Language Template 

HRP-502c Institutional Consent Language (available under Templates in the Toolkit) has been reformatted and revised in response to research community feedback on confidentiality language and when it applies to ceded study consent documents.  The revised language does not require changes for previously reviewed consents.  The new organization should aid study teams in determining what and when institutional language applies to a study relying on an external IRB.  If subjects will be enrolled at the UW, be sure to use the consent template approved by the reviewing IRB and refer to HRP 502 Institutional Consent Language when drafting the UW version of the consent document.

Toolkit Updates

The latest round of revisions went live the week of July 25, 2022. Updates to the Investigator Manual, Reliance Manual, and various templates were made. Additionally, updates were made to Toolkit checklists and worksheets that IRB Staff have been using to conduct reviews for the past several months. As a reminder, we welcome feedback via the Toolkit Feedback Form that is linked throughout the IRB website or by email (

Website update

We are very excited to announce that the Investigator and Reliance Manuals have a new look! In response to user feedback to increase searchability, the manual sections are now reorganized and housed directly on the IRB’s site (rather than as a single PDF). We’re hoping the new manuals will be much easier to navigate to find the content you’re looking for. Visit new manuals here:

Introducing new staff

We are excited to announce the addition of Hillary Keller to RELIANT. Hillary began with the team this month and came to us from Alabama where she earned her JD and worked for 5 years in a private law firm. She holds a BA in Sociology and BS in Psychology, and, as an undergraduate, served as a lab manager and human subjects researcher. We appreciate having her as a part of the HRPP and bringing her expertise to this position!

The IRB’s Minimal Risk Research team has a new analyst joining the team at the end of August. Kate Knudson is coming to the IRB Office from the School of Nursing.  Kate has a BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado and an MA in Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We look forward to her bringing her background in social science research to the IRB Analyst position!

Welcome, Hillary and Kate!


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