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University of Wisconsin–Madison

All Campus Animal Planning and Advisory Committee

The UW–Madison All Campus Animal Planning and Advisory Committee is involved in oversight of the UW–Madison animal program. It advises the Institutional Official on matters related to oversight of the ethical and humane use of animals in all university research, teaching, and outreach activities. The ACAPAC membership includes the Attending Veterinarian for the campus, the chairs of the school and college ACUCs, researchers with active animal programs, animal facility managers, and representatives of UW Legal Affairs. Subject matter experts are invited to participate in ACAPAC activities as needed.

The All Campus Animal Planning and Advisory Committee requires all Animal Care and Use Committees (ACUCs) to use the current “Guide” and “Ag Guide” as the minimal standards of care for all laboratory and agricultural animals under the jurisdiction of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Investigators should seek guidance from either a research animal veterinarian and/or the ACUC as to which of the two Guides apply.

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Chief Campus Veterinarian, ACUCs, Institutional Official Policies

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December 1, 2020