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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Stem Cell Research Oversight

Computer rendering of stem cellsSCRO Committee oversight applies regardless of the source of funding. All other oversight approvals must be in place prior to submitting a SCRO protocol for review.  Approval must be in place prior to beginning research.

  • the use of hESCs or their derivatives; or​
  • the introduction of hPSCs, or their derivatives, obtained from a non-embryonic source, into non-human animals at any embryonic, fetal, or postnatal stage, if an expected effect is that human cells will be integrated into the central nervous system, testes, or ovaries of the animal; or​
  • all research that (a) involves pre-implantation stages of human development, human embryos, or embryo-derived cells or (b) entails the production of human gametes in vitro when such gametes are tested by fertilization or used for the creation of embryos; or​
  • the storage or disposition of human embryos or gametes obtained for the purposes of stem cell research​

UW–Madison and NIH hESC Registries: You may not use federal funding for research using hESC lines that are not approved by the NIH.