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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Stem Cell Research Oversight: Researchers

If your research falls under the purview of SCRO Committee review, you need to submit a protocol for review through ARROW. Studies qualifying for expedited review include:

  1. In vitro studies using an NIH approved cell line(s); and ​
  2. In vitro studies using a cell line(s) previously approved by the SCRO Committee and listed on UW–Madison's hESC Registry . ​

Research Oversight and SCRO Review

SCRO review occurs as the last review in the process of working with other oversight committees.

Biosafety: All SCRO protocols require IBC/OBS review and approval. Approval must be in place before submitting your protocol for review to SCRO.

Animal Care and Use: If your research involves introduction of hPSCs, or their derivatives, obtained from a non-embryonic source, into non-human animals at any embryonic, fetal, or postnatal stage, if an expected effect is that human cells will be integrated into the central nervous system, testes, or ovaries of the animal, IACUC review and approval is required. You must have IACUC approval before submitting a protocol for SCRO review.

Human Subjects: If your research involves human subjects, IRB review and approval is required. You must have IRB approval before submitting a protocol for SCRO review.

SCRO Meeting dates and deadlines

Continuing Review: A continuing review application is due to the committee one year minus a day from the initial protocol or last continuing review. PIs and Points of Contact will receive emails from ARROW as a reminder to complete the continuing review. Reminders will begin to be sent 30 days before the continuing review is due. Once a protocol expires, an investigator has 30 days to respond before a new initial review application must be started.

Change of Protocol: Investigators must submit a change of protocol for the following reason:

  1. addition of a new cell line not listed on the NIH or UW–Madison hESC Registries.
  2. Change of PI
  3. Change in funding
  4. Significant change in research type, study design, or research question.

WiCell Deposit Process: Investigators wishing to deposit human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) or induced pluripotent stem cells (IPSCs) should consult the​ WiCell deposit process.

If your research has ended, you must submit a protocol completion report. SCRO will review the report and either approve the request or deny the request.