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University of Wisconsin–Madison

WiCell Deposit Process

WiCell’s primary mission is to serve the investigators of the University of Wisconsin. In addition to providing Core reagents and services, WiCell can distribute cell lines derived by UW investigators to the global stem cell community. Investigators wishing to deposit human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) or induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) with WiCell for distribution should contact Dr. Tenneille Ludwig for more information.

For each cell line, WiCell requests that investigators provide 12 vials from a single lot of material (pooled cultures frozen at the same time). If this cannot be made available, please contact WiCell and we will discuss alternate options.

Overall, UW investigators can deposit cell lines with WiCell by completing the following steps:

  1. Contact Dr. Tenneille Ludwig at WiCell to initiate the process of depositing materials for distribution.
  2. Complete a a WiCell UW Deposit Worksheet and e-mail it to Dr. Tenneille Ludwig at Wicell.
  3. Complete a UW–Madison Invention Disclosure Form and submit to Victoria Sutton and Will Temby for review of the disclosed materials by WARF and by UW’s Equity Review Office.  There is no need to repeat information already captured in the WiCell worksheet- simply reference the WiCell Deposit Worksheet for duplicate information.
  4. Once you have received the UW Equity Review results letter, work with your department administrator to set up a WISPER Record, uploading the UW Equity Review Letter, the signed Biomaterial Addendum, the MTA Checklist, and the WiCell UW Deposit Worksheet. The record will be routed to RSP for preparation of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) specific to the materials being deposited.
  5. WiCell will contact you once an MTA has been generated by Research and Sponsored Programs for your material, and materials may then be transferred to WiCell for global distribution.