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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Trainings and Guidance

Training for Researchers 

This training provides a brief overview of the regulations, and describes the tools and process that project management should use for evaluating whether a research project requires an export license. This training is intended for Principal Investigators and Project Managers overseeing science or technology research.

Training for Deans, Department Chairs, and Center Directors

This training provides an overall description of the Export Control Plan. It is intended for higher-level administrators at the center, department or university level who oversee research that might be subject to export control.

 Training for Research Administrators 

This training provides summaries of the regulations, fundamental research, potential clauses of concern in awards, and examples.

NCURA Conference Presentation, March 2017

This training provides an overview of export control, discusses various award clauses that could have export control implications and how to address those clauses.

Managing ITAR Controlled Information

This training describes the means for preventing the unintended transfer of ITAR-controlled information or technology to a foreign person. This transfer can occur during: (1) conferences and seminars; (2) phone or video conferences; (3) fax or e-mail; (4) foreign travel; (5) day-to-day discussions in labs with foreign staff/collaborators. This training would be useful for any project receiving ITAR-regulated information from outside organizations.


Shipping Instructions for Export/Import Licenses (ITAR)
This document describes the steps for shipping hardware or technical data that is subject to an import or export license under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).Shipping

Shipping Instructions for Export Licenses (EAR)
This document describes the steps for shipping items that are subject to an export license under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Export Control Considerations for International Travel
Gives an overview of considerations when traveling internationally.

General Travel Information
General information about electronic security and customs when traveling.

Iran Travel
Special considerations when traveling to Iran.

Cuba Travel
Special considerations when traveling to Cuba.

Basic Export Guidance
This document summarizes the export control and customs regulations for shipping items out of the United States, including hand-carrying items.

Encryption and Export Control
This document describes when encryption products are regulated under Export Controls, and what exceptions are available to persons exporting encryption equipment or software.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
This document provides information on how to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (regarding bribery).

Project Assessment Process Summary
This one-pager provides a high level description of the Project Assessment Process, including the implementation date, why we are doing this and resources.

Restricted Parties (Interactions with)
This document provides information on how to interact with persons or organizations on which the U.S. government has placed regulatory restrictions.

Software Guidance
This document provides a comprehensive list of software that is controlled under the ITAR and EAR, including references to the applicable USML categories and ECCNs.