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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Forms and Templates

Project Screening Form
The Export Control Screening Form is a simplified form for use on grants entered in WISPER. It is used when the export control questions in WISPER are not answered for a new award. If the Screening Form indicates potential export control impact, it advises project staff to complete the full Export Control Assessment Form.

Full Assessment 
The Export Control Assessment Form is used to determine if an export license may be needed to conduct certain project research. The form also requires that project staff review the federal government’s entity lists to ensure that collaborators (persons or organizations) are not subject to export restrictions.

It is used when the Screening Form indicates potential export control impact. Final decisions regarding the need for an export license, the type of license and the timing of such license shall be made by consultation with the campus Export Control Office.

Full Assessment Form Tutorial
This tutorial document is provided to assist project staff in completing the Export Control Full Assessment Form.

I-129 Visa Certification Form
This form is to be used when assessing whether an H-1b or O-1 visa applicant requires an export license to conduct the work they plan to do while attending the UW–Madison.

Chain of Custody Template
This template describes the information that should be included in a Chain of Custody Procedure when required in an export license for shipping biological agents.

Technology Control Plan
This document is a template for a Technology Control Plan for security when dealing with controlled items/software.

Technology Control Plan-Appendices A& B
This document contains the appendices to the Technology Control Plan

WISPER Screening Tool – Help Page
This document is provided to assist PIs and PMs answer the Export Control questions presented in WISPER. These questions are intended to help the PI in determining whether an export license may be required to conduct the research described in their proposal. This document also has links to the most current versions of the U.S. Munitions List (ITAR) and Commerce Control List (EAR).

Restricted Party Checklist 
This is the form that needs to be filled out if someone at UW-Madison wants to interact with a person or organization that is listed on a U.S. government restricted party list.

End Use Form
This form is used when you would like the Export Control Office to sign an End Use/End User form to ensure that the Office has all the necessary information.