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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Review Process

We have devised a multi-step review process that includes both written reviews from campus faculty and permanent PIs and assessment by a faculty committee, the UW2020 Council.

  1. Proposals are initially reviewed by members of the respective divisional UW2020 subcommittees. Based on these reviews, the subcommittee will determine which proposals will be sent to two faculty members or permanent PIs with either content or methodological expertise for independent reviews.
  2. The respective divisional UW2020 subcommittees will reconvene and prioritize the proposals based on the written reviews and the committee’s evaluation of the proposals. Proposals that are prioritized in approximately the top 25% will be forwarded to the UW2020 Council.
  3. The UW2020 Research Council will discuss the top half of the proposals identified by the divisional subcommittees. The UW2020 Council will formulate recommendations for funding to the VCRGE.

Questions about the review process should be directed to your divisional Associate VCR.

The UW2020 Council members & subcommittees

Steve Ackerman (VCRGE, Council Chair)

Physical Sciences Subcommittee

Amy Wendt (Chair), Electrical and Computer Engineering and office of VCRGE)

Ive Hermans (Chemistry)

Gloria Mari-Beffa (Math)

Darryl Thelen (Mechanical Engineering)

Biological Sciences Subcommittee

Cynthia Czajkowski (Chair), Neuroscience and office of the VCRGE)

Paul Ahlquist (Oncology/McArdle Lab for Cancer Research)

Elizabeth Craig (Biochemistry)

Tim Kamp (Cardiology/Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center)

Jane Mahoney (Medicine)

Edgar Spalding (Botany)

Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences Subcommittee1

Florence Hsia (Co-Chair), History and office of the VCRGE)

Nora Cate Schaeffer (Co-Chair), Sociology and office of the VCRGE)

Barbara Bowers (Nursing)

Harry Brighouse (Philosopy)

Jesse Gregory (Economics)

Eric Hoyt (Communication Arts)

1 The Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions were combined because of the limited number of applications from these divisions. Separate committees will be formed in future rounds of the UW2020 initiative if a greater number of applications are received from these divisions.