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University of Wisconsin–Madison

HRPP Training

Training for individuals doing human subjects research is determined by the type of research proposed and the reviewing IRB. Below are links to trainings that are required and recommended for individuals engaged in human subjects research.

The PI Portal provides a comprehensive list of all trainings for PIs and all staff on protocols. Current training can also be checked via the VCRGE Training Information Lookup Tool.

Human Subjects Protections Training

Who has to take it?

  • Principal investigators
  • Research staff who interact with subjects
  • Research staff who do not interact with subjects
  • External personnel for which a UW-Madison IRB is IRB of record


Good Clinical Practice Training

Who has to take it?

If the study meets the NIH definition of a clinical trial and involves a drug/device/biologic/radioisotope or is NIH-funded:

  • Principal investigators
  • Research staff who interact with subjects (recruiting, consenting, or enrolling)
  • External personnel who interact with subjects and for which a UW-Madison IRB is the IRB of record

*Human Subjects Training Snapshot in ARROW will indicate when Good Clinical Practice training is required.


HIPAA Privacy and Research Training

Who has to take it?

  • Researchers with appointments within the UW-Madison Health Care Component (UW HCC) or the UW Affiliated Covered Entity (ACE) (see HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies for more information)
  • Researchers, key personnel, and study team members working on a research study subject to HIPAA due to the involvement of a PI or other key personnel with an appointment to a defined member of the HCC or the ACE (see HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies for more information)

*See the HIPAA link for more details. 

A list of the modules included in the UW CITI Human Subjects Protections Trainings and Good Clinical Practice Trainings can be accessed here: List of CITI modules.

PREP: Professional Research Education Program

PREP is a series of training opportunities developed to prepare UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students to conduct safe and compliant human subjects research. Training topics cover a wide range of areas and new topics are continually developed to keep meeting the needs of research staff. Use the above link to learn more about PREP or to view videos of previous presentations.

Basics of Conducting Clinical Research at UW 

This course builds off of Human Subjects Protections and GCP courses provided through CITI. Though it was developed specifically to address clinical research within the UW health environment, most content is applicable to all clinical research.

Federal Office of Research Integrity: The Research Clinic

Interactive role-playing video. IRB Chair, PI, and Coordinator scenarios are appropriate for clinical researchers. Research assistant scenario is appropriate for social and behavioral researchers.