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University of Wisconsin–Madison

HRPP Committees

The Cross-Campus HRPP Committee (CCHRPPC) and the Quality and Compliance Oversight Advisory Committee (QCOAC), as described below, function to support the UW-Madison HRPP. These committees are advisory to the Institutional Official, who oversees the entire UW-Madison HRPP and is responsible for ensuring the protection of human participants at UW–Madison.


The primary function of the Cross-Campus Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Committee is to provide advice and consultation to the Institutional Official (IO).

Overall Responsibilities

  • Advising the IO on issues relating to human research protection
  • Ensuring consistency between IRB policies and state and federal regulations and guidance, University policy, and accreditation standards
  • Review of all current and proposed campus-wide policies for the HRPP and advise the IO on these policies. All HRPP policies should be reviewed by the committee every 3 years to determine if they should be reaffirmed, revised, or removed
  • Facilitating communications and exchange of information about human research protection across the HRPP, especially among the IRBs, the HRPP, the UW-Madison’s research community, and the UW-Madison community as a whole
  • Facilitating access by researchers to cross-disciplinary information and training about human research protection through the UW-Madison Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
  • Advising the IO regarding the suspension of human research privileges and reporting to federal authorities in matters involving noncompliance, unanticipated problems, and suspension and termination of research


Core members include:

  • The UW-Madison IO, who serves as Chair of the Committee
  • Chair of the HS IRB
  • Chair of the MRR IRB
  • Four faculty members
  • Two academic research staff

Ex-officio members include:

  • Director of the Office of Research Compliance
  • Representatives of the UW-Madison's Office of Legal Affairs
  • IRB Office Director and Assistant Directors
  • Consultants may be invited to attend when policies affect their areas


The Quality and Compliance Oversight and Advisory Committee (QCOAC) is a cross-campus committee created to support the UW-Madison HRPP by:

  • Acting as a steering committee for the Quality and Compliance Operations Committee (QCOC) to help identify institutional priorities for HRPP quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and outreach
  • Serving in an advisory capacity to institutional officials and other entities when events or data suggest the need for changes in HRPP structure, policy, or resources in order to achieve a high quality, effective, efficient HRPP or to achieve outreach goal
  • Working with institutional leadership to identify appropriate resource allocation for the campus-wide HRPP.

Overall Responsibilities

The QCOAC evaluates metrics and other data collected and compiled by the QCOC to:

  • Set priorities for cross-campus process improvement and enhancement initiatives
  • Address identified gaps in HRPP quality, effectiveness, efficiency and outreach activities, including identification of resources and infrastructure needs to rectify them
  • Advise the QCOC and other HRPP entities as requested on issues identified as requiring input from upper leadership.


The Advisory Committee is chaired by the Institutional Official for the protection of human subjects. Committee membership consists of leadership positions across campus-wide HRPP, such as the Associate Deans for Research from the major research colleges and schools and UW individual(s) with expertise in program evaluation, and representatives from the QCOC. Ad hoc members or topic specific experts may also be appointed or invited on an as needed basis.