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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Human Subjects Protections Training

All personnel conducting research involving human subjects approved by a UW-Madison IRB must complete human subjects protections (HSP) training every three years. See the appropriate section below for more information regarding satisfying this requirement.

UW-Madison Personnel (includes UW Health and Madison VA personnel)

HSP training is provided through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program. Personnel should complete and maintain one of three course for the duration of their involvement in a human subjects research study (though courses are generally geared towards a certain population, completion of any of these courses satisfies this training requirement). Instructions for completing HSP training via CITI can be found here.

  • UW Social and Behavioral Course
    • Generally geared towards those submitting to the Education and Social/Behavioral Science IRB.
  • UW Biomedical Course
    • Generally geared towards those submitting to the Minimal Risk IRB or Health Sciences IRB.
  • VA Human Subjects Protection
    • Required for personnel listed on VA research studies. To access this course, you must affiliate with “Madison VA Hospital – 607.” For information about VA training, contact

External Personnel

When a UW IRB is serving as the IRB of record for external (non-UW, UW Health, or VA) personnel, the UW PI is responsible for ensuring that those external personnel have current HSP training.

  • For external personnel pre-existing HSP training, the UW study team should maintain record of these trainings and ensure they remain current for the duration of the external personnel’s involvement in the research.
  • For external personnel who do not have existing HSP training, the UW study team can provide those external personnel with the following options:
    1. If the external personnel are affiliated with an institution or entity with an IRB, they may have access to HSP training at their home institution.
    2. PDFs of the UW Biomedical Course or UW Social and Behavioral Course (as appropriate) combined with an attestation statement signed by the personnel stating they have completed the training.
    3. Completion of the UW courses via CITI. This option requires the external personnel obtain a NetID, and should primarily be reserved for external personnel who require access to the ARROW record.
    4. Visit the following page for more detailed information on these training options: Training Options for External Personnel.