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University of Wisconsin–Madison

The Microbiome Hub: Enabling a Biological Revolution at UW–Madison

The Microbiome Hub will provide the means for researchers in diverse fields at UW-Madison, who have no training in microbiology or bioinformatics, to routinely examine the microbiome in their studies. Clinical researchers could determine whether the human microbiome is associated with drug efficacy, ecologists could determine what microbial species are associated with endangered plants, and engineers could determine the impact of building modifications on the microbiome of the spaces they design.

The award will fund a full-time staff person for two years to build a following, clientele, and track record, and then make the hub self-sufficient through cost recovery. The hub will be a joint venture between the UW Biotechnology Center and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, making use of current prowess at UWBC in sequencing and bioinformatics and WID’s strength in data storage and management.


Jo Handelsman, Director of Wisconsin Institute for Discovery


Michael Sussman, Professor of Biochemistry