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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Synthesis and Catalysis: Partnership with the Pharmaceutical Industry

Organic chemical synthesis and catalysis play crucial roles in the discovery, development and manufacture of drug molecules in the pharmaceutical industry. Innovations emerging from research groups in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison are equipped to address challenges at each stage in the drug discovery and development pipeline. A strategic partnership will be established with a pharmaceutical company, in order to realize this potential. The pairing of academic innovations with state-of-the-art technologies and insights from industry provides a foundation for transformative breakthroughs in domains ranging from encoded library technology for high-throughput synthesis and drug discovery to catalytic methods for sustainable production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The unique training opportunities enabled by this broad-based university-industry partnership will equip UW students and postdocs to become next-generation academic and industrial leaders.


Shannon Stahl, professor of chemistry


Clark Landis, professor of chemistry

Tehshik Yoon, professor of chemistry

Jennifer Shomaker, professor of chemistry

Daniel Weix, professor of chemistry

Zachary Wickens, assistant professor of chemistry

Andrew Buller, assistant professor of chemistry