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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Advanced Topics in Biotechnology Innovation and Translation

Traditional graduate training focuses on technical skill development via coursework models siloed into specific departments and research areas. However, this method fails to provide students with the multidisciplinary training required to succeed and lead in the rapidly growing biopharma industry. This project team aims to address these critical knowledge gaps through a first-of-its-kind course which: 1) teaches industry-relevant concepts necessary for biotechnology innovation and translation, 2) directly connects lessons and classwork to real-world case studies, and 3) enables career networking. Central to this proposal is an educational pedagogy centered on direct engagement with industry partners as discussion leaders and guest lecturers with direct, and sustained, interaction to help trainees reframe their research into translational commercial value propositions. This program will promote practical training, strategic leadership, and continued education to address the challenges unique to life science technologies, and amplify our doctoral trainees as the new generation industry leaders.


William Murphy, professor of biomedical engineering


Promega, 3M, Catalent, Versiti, University Research Park and Venture Investors