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University of Wisconsin–Madison

UWCCC Flow Cytometry Seminars Dec 13 and Dec 14, 2018

Seminars in data analysis and rigor and reproducibility in flow cytometry

December 13, 10am in WIMR 7001B
Title: Basic Data Analysis, Gating, and Statistics in Flow Cytometry.
Description:  An overview of data analysis considerations when working with flow data. We will talk about FCS files, visualizing data, gating, and statistics in flow cytometry.  First in a series of 3 interactive seminars focusing on data analysis in flow cytometry presented by Alex Henkel

December 14, 10 am in WIMR 7001A
Title: Rigor and Reproducibility in Flow Cytometry
Description:  Dagna Sheerar will present various methodologies to improve rigor and reproducibility in flow cytometry experiments.  Topics will include standardization techniques for ongoing studies, optimizing instrument sensitivity, optimizing panel sensitivity, standardizing data analysis, data management, and data annotation techniques specific to flow cytometry data sets.

See the UWCCC Flow Lab for more resources and events.