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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Core Management Software Demo NOTES

Vendor videos and user feedback from June 14, 2018

Core management software allows users to manage reservations and service requests and to quickly generate invoices, billing files and usage reports. Short videos of several core management software programs in use on campus or at peer institutions were presented, followed by feedback from an experienced campus core manager.

Please see the brief summary of the software presented.  Access to the Box folder containing the video demos upon request to Isabelle Girard.  Note that the pricing models for each software vary and may be based on sharing a site license, total revenue, number of staff, number of users, or other metrics.  Pricing models are ballpark estimates for very simplified (and fictitious) cores and may not reflect actual cost for a specific core or facility.

If you are considering core management software, or have experience with a similar product, please share information with Isabelle Girard to assist in collaboration and coordination.