1. The list of current competitions for Institutional Nominations and Internal Competitions contains links to the program descriptions, deadlines for notification, and the pre-proposal or application instructions. If an investigator wishes to apply for a limited competition not listed, investigators must notify the OVCRGE at grants@research.wisc.edu at least eight weeks before the first funding agency program deadline to which they plan to apply (letter of intent, pre-proposal, or proposal deadline-whether optional or required) so the OVCRGE can post instructions for the competition.
  2. If the OVCRGE is notified of the limited opportunity less than eight weeks before the first granting agency deadline, the OVCRGE will post the competition on a case-by-case basis. Interested applicants should send an email to grants@research.wisc.edu containing the name and contact information for the PI, names and departments of all co-investigators, name of the funding agency and program and a brief overview of the proposed project for OVCRGE review and approval.
  3. An internal competition will be held to select the application(s) or proposal(s) to be forwarded to the funding agency. The internal competition will be conducted by an ad hoc faculty selection committee chaired by the relevant divisional Associate Vice Chancellor for Research. In all cases, applications will be reviewed by the relevant divisional Associate Vice Chancellor for Research prior to submission.
  4. The review may be delegated to another College or School if all of the anticipated applications are from one college and it is appropriate for the topic area.
  5. Following the internal review, the OVCRGE (or coordinating College or School) will inform the principal investigators via email whether their proposals were selected for submission to the funding agency.
  6. The applicant(s) will prepare and submit the pre-approved proposal to RSP, attaching the copy of the email message from the OVCRGE or College/School that notified them that their proposal was selected to be submitted. The email message serves as notification to department, College or School, and RSP officials that the applicant has been approved to submit the proposal.
  7. RSP will submit the pre-approved applications or proposals.

Revised July, 2015