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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Investigations of Solar System Ices

Many bodies within the solar system display a significant amount of surface water ice. How the ice within these bodies behaves mechanically and chemically influences numerous aspects of their formation, evolution and degradation, as well as their ability to host life. Because of their importance, they have been the subject of much public interest as well as scientific pursuits. Despite their importance, many unknowns remain about the mechanical and chemical compositions because of challenges associated with experimental investigation. This project aims to organize disparate researchers at UW–Madison working on areas related to ice, and exploit the world-class instrumentation already in existence at UW, such that they could lead and compete in the multidisciplinary world of external funding related to solar system ices. The project will build and extend existing capacity and promote trans-discipline collaboration to fully utilize the current areas of expertise.


Lucas Zoet, associate professor of geoscience



Chloe Bonamici, assistant professor of geoscience

Hilary Dugan, assistant professor of limnology

Shaun Marcotts, associate professor of geoscience

Hiroki Sone, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering

Susanna Widicus Weaver, professor of chemistry



Gustavo Cruz Diaz, assistant scientist in chemistry

Davin Quinn, associate research scientist in geoscience