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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Nanogenerator-Driven Self-Activated Electrical Stimulation for Enhanced Wound Healing

Chronic wounds pose escalating threats to both a patient’s quality of life and to the economy, with over 6.5 million people affected in the United States alone, resulting in over $25 billion in annual healthcare expenditures. Effective, safe, painless and easy-to-use approaches to wound care are highly desired.

This project will establish a critical knowledge base on wound healing mechanism and efficacy under the influences of low-frequency and charge-limited electric fields generated by flexible nanogenerators (NGs).

The preclinical data that will be generated by this project has the potential to revolutionize the clinical use of electrical stimulation (ES) devices for accelerated human wound healing with a wearable, self-powered, streamlined and free of electronics design.

Principal Investigator

  • Xudong Wang
    Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

Co-Principal Investigators

  • Weibo Cai
    Professor of Radiology
  • Angela Gibson
    Assistant Professor of Surgery