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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Leadership changes at Biotechnology Center

Longtime director of the UW–Madison Biotechnology Center, Mike Sussman, has announced that he is stepping down from that position to serve as director of the Genome Center of Wisconsin, located within the Biotechnology Center.

“With DNA analysis now permeating all aspects of research, our economy, and our lives, aggressive attention to changes in the technology and its applications on campus is needed to ensure that we stay at the forefront of genomic sciences,” says Sussman, who also is a biochemistry professor. “Moving forward, together with the excellent faculty already present in the Center and the new ones that we hope to recruit in the future, I would like to help us attain a national and international leadership position that a powerhouse research institution like UW-Madison deserves.”

“I’m thankful to Mike for his more than 21 years as Biotechnology Center Director and for his leadership in innovative research projects, and I am happy to have his leadership at the Genome Center,” says Norman Drinkwater, interim vice chancellor for research and graduate education.