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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Committee, staff, and reviewer resources

The purpose of the Conflict of Interest (COI) Committee is to review outside activities by faculty and staff for possible individual financial conflicts of interest (FCOI) with their research. All individuals who are key personnel on federal grants or listed on human subjects protocols are included in the COI Committee’s review.

The COI Committee is a University-wide, faculty governance committee made up of a Chair and 12-18 voting members. Faculty representatives from Colleges and Schools comprise the committee membership, while legal counsel, Dean’s representatives, and Office of Research Policy and Integrity staff serve as ex officio members.

The COI Committee reviews information submitted in Outside Activities Reports (OARs) for the existence of significant financial interests, evaluates nexus between research, teaching and other university responsibilities and the outside interests, and makes a motion and majority vote for management when appropriate.

Once assigned, the department, college, ORP and RSP assume responsibility for compliance activities associated with this management plan.

Evaluating Conflicts of Interest

RSP and Financial Conflict of Interest

COI Office Tools

The Conflict of Interest (COI) program provides valuable tools for administrative staff and reviewers on campus for use in grant submission, award setup, and review of an individual’s outside activities.

Colleges, schools and divisions share responsibility for obtaining and reviewing Outside Activities Reports (OAR) from all faculty, academic staff with 50% or greater appointment and individuals listed on a federal grant and human subjects protocols.

Reviewer Tools

COI Training Lookup

Outside Activities Report Submission Lookup

RSP and Financial Conflict of Interest