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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Updating Nanofabrication Lithography Support Systems for Improved Patterning to Facilitate Medical Device, Quantum Device and Nanomaterials Research


This project will replace a group of the Nanoscale Fabrication Center’s process equipment related to liftoff patterning of nanoscale devices. The tools to be replaced are the CVC Sputter Vacuum/Deposit system, the Plasma Asher, and the Liftoff Solvent Wet Bench. The deposition and patterning of metal thin films that occurs at this core is essential in many research areas.

The Nanoscale Fabrication Center allows researchers to fabricate very small and complex structures for microelectronics, quantum electronics, nano-optics, bioelectronics, sensors, and related fields. The center is equipped with over 70 instruments in a cleanroom environment.


Aviad Hai, assistant professor of biomedical engineering


Daniel Christensen, lab manager of the Nanoscale Fabrication Center


Jerry Hunter, director of the Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology


Nanoscale Fabrication Center