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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Reboot: Face-to-Face Interactions Phase 2 and Beyond

  • All human subjects activities that can be done remotely, should be done remotely, including consenting. See Remote Study Activities Guidance
  • Research participant access on campus during Safer Badgers requirements. See Research participant access
  • Activities involving physical contact with participants should be reduced to the minimum necessary in terms of contact area and duration. Additional risk mitigation methods described in the EHS guidelines should be used, such as use of face masks, gloves, and face shields if their use is appropriate to the particular scenario and supplies should be sanitized prior to and after contact with participants.
  • All activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are public safety activities and must follow all EHS guidance for face-to-face interactions outside of UWHC. As such, they are not study specific research activities and DO NOT need to be reviewed by the IRB.
  • EHS also suggests that guidelines can change quickly and study teams may wish to receive updates by joining the UW Clinical Trials listserve viewing their COVID-19 home page, UW Health or SMPH webpages for the most recent guidance on PPE and controls for direct contact with study participants.
  • Study teams are responsible for reviewing the CDC’s information on higher risk populations and to identify whether their subject population or any individual subject is at higher risk. See High Risk Guidelines for more information.


Approvals Needed

  1. Request research reboot using OVCRGE form
  2. School/Department approval is required and they may have additional forms to complete
  3. ONLY submit changes for STUDY specific activities, if needed to the IRB


Additional Resources

Face-to-Face Reboot Table


Template: Information sheets to study subjects

Template: Screening Script for study teams