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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Measuring the Pulse of Wisconsin: A Feasibility Study to Develop an Online Research Panel of Wisconsinites

Researchers, policy makers and administrators within UW–Madison and the state need accurate, affordable and current data about Wisconsin residents to characterize and understand their attitudes and behaviors. Online panels where respondents participate in surveys on an ongoing basis offer compelling benefits in terms of cost savings and data timeliness. This project proposes a feasibility study to determine whether the research team can build and sustain an online, probability-based panel of Wisconsin residents for ongoing surveys. The research team will (1) implement and evaluate innovative methods to recruit and retain panel members; (2) design a cost structure for recurring surveys; and (3) identify and market the panel to research partners. Modules fielded for this project examine issues concerning health, the economy and society. In addition to the panel, this project will provide seed data for extramural proposals, yield multiple methodological and substantive publications, and become a key asset for the University.


Jennifer Dykema, associate professor of sociology



Stephanie Robert, professor of social work and director of the School of Social Work

Dietram Scheufele, professor of life sciences communication