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University of Wisconsin–Madison

From Molecules to Systems: A New Era of Multidimensional 3D Printing

This project will revolutionize 3D printing by establishing an era of multidimensional synthesis that enables a broad spectrum of disparate, yet cooperative materials to be brought together into single, multifunctional parts. With this capability, scientists, engineers, designers and artists will be empowered to create devices and objects that display emergent properties rivaled only by nature.

For example, one might be able to realize “single-print” materials combinations such as self-powered, adaptive, personalized medical devices; advanced electro-optic systems that adapt autonomously to protect themselves from their environment; and artificial organs that age with, and amend to, the patient.

This project addresses the central challenge currently limiting full realization of 3DP’s power – materials combinations lag far behind the needs (and imaginations) of the creators.

Principal Investigator

  • Andrew Boydston
    Associate Professor of Chemistry

Co-Principal Investigators

  • Padma Gopalan
    Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Krishnan Suresh
    Professor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Tehshik Yoon
    Professor of Chemistry