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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Data Science Hub for UW–Madison

This project will launch a campus-wide Data Science Hub (DSHub), paving the way for an eventual Data Science Institute. The​ ​goal​ ​of​ ​DSHub​ ​is​ ​to​ ​coordinate​ ​and​ ​execute​ ​a​ ​campus-wide​ ​data​ ​science​ ​strategy​ ​that​ ​fills​ ​critical​ ​gaps​ ​and supports​ ​data​ ​science​ ​growth​ ​and​ ​cross-fertilization.​

In the last decade, data science has gone from the “big data” fad to a mission-critical enterprise need. DSHub will increase visibility of UW–Madison as a major data science destination, provide unified leadership to advance campus expertise in data science, enable big funding opportunities, foster researcher training in data science, coordinate and strategize development of educational tools for data science degree programs, support domain scientists doing data science, foster cross-disciplinary methodological research in data science, and develop data science outreach to Wisconsin.

Principal Investigator

  • Brian Yandell
    Professor of Statistics

Co-Principal Investigators

  • Katherine Curtis
    Associate Professor of Community and Environmental Sociology
  • AnHai Doan
    Professor of Computer Science
  • Kristin Eschenfelder
    Professor of iSchool
  • Michael Ferris
    Professor of Computer Science
  • Lauren Michael
    Research and Computing Facilitator at Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
  • Robert Nowak
    Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Paul Rathouz
    Professor of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics
  • Eric Wilcots
    Professor of Astronomy