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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Advancing CRISPR-mediated Genome Editing Technology at UW–Madison to Model Human Disease

This project will establish advanced CRISPR technologies to enable genome editing in multiple mammalian species. Advancing the use of CRISPR-mediated genome editing technology at UW–Madison will accelerate the ability to generate genetically modified animal models of human disease.

Accurately modeling human disease states is critical for the development of new therapeutics. These efforts will promote groundbreaking research across the UW–Madison campus and fundamentally transform our ability to address critical biomedical issues across a wide spectrum of fields.

Principal Investigator

  • Anjon Audhya
    Associate Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry


  • Emery Bresnick
    Professor of Cell and Regenerative Biology
  • Barak Blum
    Assistant Professor of Cell and Regenerative Biology
  • Erik Dent
    Associate Professor of Neuroscience
  • Emery Bresnick
    Professor of Cell and Regenerative Biology
  • Thaddeus Golos
    Professor of Comparative Biosciences
  • Meyer Jackson
    Professor of Neuroscience
  • Sathish Kumar
    Associate Professor of Comparative Biosciences
  • Matthew Merrins
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Darcie Moore
    Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
  • David Pagliarini
    Associate Professor of Biochemistry and the Morgridge Institute for Research
  • Robert Redfield
    Assistant Professor of Surgery
  • Krishanu Saha
    Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • James Shull
    Professor of Oncology
  • Beth Weaver
    Associate Professor of Cell and Regenerative Biology
  • Jing Zhang
    Professor of Oncology
  • Xinyu Zhao
    Professor of Neuroscience