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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Diversity, Inclusion and Aging in the Midwest: Opportunities for New Directions with Wisconsin’s Hmong Community

Principal Investigator: Michal Engelman, associate professor of sociology

Co-Principal Investigator:
Maichou Lor, assistant professor of nursing

Jennifer Dykema, associate professor of sociology

The Hmong are Wisconsin’s largest Asian American group. Having arrived as refugees, they maintain a strong sense of community and culture as they navigate integration into American society. They face socioeconomic and linguistic challenges and limited access to healthcare services yet have shown remarkable resilience in the face of multiple adversities. To date, limited research has examined their health and well-being.

This project will engage Hmong older adults in research and produce data for addressing health inequities. DIAMOND-Hmong is a collaboration between UW–Madison researchers and a Hmong community partner, the Wisconsin United Coalition of Mutual Assistance Associations (WUCMAA).