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University of Wisconsin–Madison

NIH BD2K Research Education Curriculum Development: Data Science Overview for Biomedical Scientists (R25) 2017

To:Chairs and Administrators, Departments in the Biological Sciences; Associate Deans for Research; College/School Research Administrators
From:Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education
Date:September 01, 2016
Subject:NIH BD2K Research Education Curriculum Development: Data Science Overview for Biomedical Scientists (R25) 2017 RFA-ES-16-011


Deadline for Internal Review:October 03, 2016

Project Description

The NIH Research Education Program (R25) supports research education activities in the mission areas of the NIH.  The over-arching goal of this BD2K R25 program is to support educational activities that complement and/or enhance the training of a workforce to meet the nation’s biomedical, behavioral and clinical research needs.

To accomplish the stated over-arching goal, this FOA will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on Curriculum or Methods Development in Big Data Science to augment current institutional curricula for the training of predoctoral level biomedical scientists and provide concentrated instruction in the tools, approaches and quantitative analysis concepts in data science. To facilitate the integration of data science into biomedical curricula nationally, this FOA seeks to support a cohort of institutions that will work collaboratively and collectively to produce curricular materials that are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).

Amount per Award:    $500,000 per year
Duration of Award:     3 years maximum
Number of Awards:    4-5 awards per year


UW-Madison is allowed to submit one application.

Research education programs may complement ongoing research training and education occurring at the applicant institution, but the proposed educational experiences must be distinct from those training and education programs currently receiving Federal support. R25 programs may augment institutional research training programs (e.g., T32, T90) but cannot be used to replace or circumvent Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) programs.


Internal Competition Application Instructions

Applications for Internal Review

To submit your application, follow this link:

Referring to the NIH Funding Opportunity Announcement, please attach a PDF of no more than 6 pages containing information in the following subject areas:

  • Facilities & Other Resources
  • Proposed Research Education Program
  • Program Director/Principal Investigator
  • Institutional Environment and Commitment
  • Evaluation Plan
  • Brief Budget Overview

Sponsor Deadlines

Applications are due to NIH by December 07, 2016.