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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists National Competition 2022

To:Chairs and Administrators, Departments in the Biological, Physical, and Social Sciences; Associate Deans for Research; College/School Research Administrators
From:Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education
Date:September 07, 2021
Subject:Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists National Competition


Deadline for Internal Review:September 30, 2021

Project Description

The Blavatnik Family Foundation is providing critical support to seed innovative work in science and technology that will address society’s most pressing global problems. These awards recognize the country’s most promising faculty-rank researchers in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and Chemistry.

Nominees and their work as independent investigators will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Quality: The extent to which the work is reliable, valid, credible, and scientifically rigorous.
  • Impact: The extent to which the work addresses an important problem, advances scientific progress, and is influential in the nominee’s field, related fields, or beyond, and/or has the potential to benefit society.
  • Novelty: The extent to which the work challenges existing paradigms, establishes a new field or considerably expands on an existing field, employs original methodologies or concepts, and/or pursues an original question.
  • Promise: The nominee has potential for further significant contributions to science, and the research program will generate further impactful and novel discoveries.

Amount per award: $250,000
Duration of award: 1 Year
Number of awards: One Blavatnik Laureate in each Disciplinary Category


The nominee must:

  • Have been born in or after 1980.
  • Hold a doctorate degree (PhD, DPhil, MD, DDS, DVM, etc.).
  • Currently hold a tenured or tenure-track academic faculty position (or equivalent).
  • Currently conduct research as a principal investigator in one of the disciplinary categories in Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, or Chemistry.

UW-Madison may submit up to three nominations, one in each disciplinary category.

The Blavatnik Awards strongly encourage the nomination of women and other historically underrepresented groups in science and engineering.


Internal Competition Application Instructions

Applications for Internal Review

To submit your application, attach a single PDF to an email to:

Please include the following information:

  • Cover Page including name, title, contact information, and disciplinary category (Life Sciences, Physical Sciences & Engineering, or Chemistry).
  • Curriculum Vitae (4-page maximum).
  • Research Summary: A 1,000-word maximum summary of up to five of the nominee’s most significant scientific contributions and research accomplishments. Key results, their impact on the nominee’s field of study, and the nominee’s specific role in the described work should be included. Information about the nominee’s positions, awards, and service activities should be excluded. One figure illustrating the most significant results is allowed. Citations and figure caption do not count toward the word limit.
  • Professional Service and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement (1-page maximum) describing outreach activities and/or professional service, with particular focus on activities and service related to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the scientific community.

Sponsor Deadlines

Applications are due to Blavatnik Family Foundation by November 17, 2021.