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University of Wisconsin–Madison

American Family Data Science Institute Director finalists

UW–Madison recognizes that data are reshaping our world and that the future of data science will be transformed by insights from all disciplines. We strive to bring the power of data science to all fields of study.

The American Family Data Science Institute  serves the data science community at UW—Madison and beyond. The  institute is committed to fostering an inclusive culture in data science that fuels creativity and empowers all scientists.

Four finalists have been selected in the search for a permanent director of the data science institute. The candidates and their public seminar dates are listed below.

To provide feedback on the candidates, please use this form and indicate which candidate you are providing feedback for:


DrDr Kyle Cranmer Photo. Kyle Cranmer

Seminar Title: Data science is on its feet, now where is it going?

Seminar Date/Time: Tuesday, August 3 2:30-3:30 p.m.

To hear a recording of the seminar, visit:


Dr Lea Shanley PhotoDr. Lea Shanley

Seminar Title: Envisioning Data Science and the Wisconsin Idea at UW–Madison

Seminar Date/Time: Friday, August 6, Time noon

To hear a recording of the seminar, visit:


Dr Heng Huang PhotoDr. Heng Huang

Seminar Title: New Machine Learning Algorithmic Foundations for Data Science

Seminar Date/Time: Tuesday, August 10, Time 2 p.m.

To hear a recording of the seminar, visit:


Ben Wandelt photoDr. Benjamin Wandelt

Seminar Title: “Data Science of the Universe and the Universe of Data Science”

Seminar Date/Time: Thursday, August 12, noon

To hear a recording of the seminar, visit