UW2020: Round 2 WARF Discovery Initiative Awards Announced

I am pleased to announce that fourteen highly-innovative research projects have been chosen for the second round of funding for the UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative.

Led by the University of Wisconsin–Madison Office of the VCRGE, faculty and staff sifted through 119 proposals from across campus. Reviewers identified ambitious, early stage research ideas and infrastructure investments to jump-start innovative interdisciplinary research projects.

The projects, underwritten by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and spanning the disciplines, were reviewed by 87 faculty and from across the university. Funded projects include 105 faculty and academic staff investigators from eight schools and colleges. Final selections were made by the UW2020 Council, a group of 17 faculty from all divisions of the university.

The goal of UW2020: WARF Discovery Initiative is to support projects that could ultimately transform a field, solve a long-standing problem, contribute to social policy or launch a key new technology. We think we’re off to a fantastic start with rounds one and two.

Marsha Mailick, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

Associate Vice Chancellors for Research

Lea Jacobs

Associate Vice Chancellor for Arts & Humanities

323 Bascom Hall


Norman Drinkwater

Associate Vice Chancellor for Biological Sciences

330 Bascom Hall


Steve Ackerman

Associate Vice Chancellor for Physical Sciences

325 Bascom Hall


Jan Greenberg

Associate Vice Chancellor for Social Studies

332 Bascom Hall


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