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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Opportunities for campus innovators

Whether you’re just starting out or already launching a startup, UW’s Discovery to Product (D2P) is your connection to people, programs and resources to turn university research and ideas into impact. D2P programs and services are free and open to UW–Madison faculty, staff, students and employees of affiliate organizations in any school, college or discipline.


Funding Opportunities:

State Economic Engagement & Development Research (SEED) Fund

(Apply by February 15, 2022)

This grant allows UW–Madison faculty and academic staff with ownership in a Wisconsin company to engage in innovative research to facilitate commercialization of their company’s technology. Learn more and apply …

Draper Technology Innovation Fund (TIF)

(Apply by February 15, 2022)

This fund supports additional research needed to bring new concepts and inventions to the patent and licensing stage. Applicants must be UW‒Madison faculty members or academic staff with an invention disclosure accepted by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). Learn more and apply …


Free Training Program:

Innovation to Market (I2M)

(Apply by February 21, 2022)

If you’re just getting started, our I2M program will give you the tools to develop your idea, test its viability and pivot, if necessary. The spring session runs March 2-April 20. Learn more and apply …

Expert Coaching:

Meet with expert mentors any time for free advice and guidance on advancing your innovation.  D2P mentors are veteran business developers, entrepreneurs, product managers, and startup executives, with wide-ranging experience across disciplines, industries and products. You don’t have to be a current or past participant in a D2P program, and it’s never too early or late to get help with your project or startup. Set up a mentor chat