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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Wisconsin Science Festival features events at research centers

Celebrate Curiosity Across Wisconsin at Wisconsin Science Festival!

Four days (November 2-5 2017) packed with events for all ages.

The four-day Wisconsin Science Festival is a statewide celebration with events across Wisconsin for people of all ages. Events include hands-on science exhibitions, demonstrations, performances, tours, pub nights, workshops and more. The Wisconsin Science Festival aims to inspire and engage us in the enterprise of science and discovery; to cultivate curiosity and communicate the power of knowledge and creativity to change our world view; to promote innovation and to cultivate the next generation of global citizens. The Wisconsin Science Festival is presented by a growing coalition of Wisconsin’s science and arts communities. There are activities for all ages and interests, throughout Wisconsin, with many events held at the Discovery Building in Madison. Some activities may have a nominal charge for materials or meals, and some partner locations charge their regular admission fees, however most events are free!

For a list of all events, visit: