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University of Wisconsin–Madison

RARC Services

Research Animal Resources and Compliance Services

Training: RARC trainers provide required species and surgical training.

Pathology: The Comparative Pathology Lab (CPL) provides both anatomic and clinical pathology services to diagnose animal health issues and evaluate research questions.

Pharmacy: PIs and laboratory staff can obtain medical materials for research through the RARC pharmacy.

Program Assessment: RARC’s animal program assessment specialists help investigators stay in compliance with animal research regulations, policies, and guidelines.

Rodent Analgesia Service: In some instances, RARC Veterinary Services (RARC VS) may be able to provide extended release buprenorphine to your rodent model.

Rodent Quarantine Program: The RARC Rodent Quarantine Program, located within a Biomedical Research Models Services (BRMS) facility, provides services to all campus researchers with rodent lines coming to the UW–Madison campus from non-approved vendors.

Veterinary Care: RARC veterinarians work closely with campus husbandry programs to ensure a high standard of care.  They advise researchers on species -specific enrichment and house and how these factors can affect research.  They also help researchers manage deviations from normal animal health and training investigators and personnel on working with animals.

Equipment Lending: RARC has equipment to lend investigators at no cost.