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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Five-year review begins for Graduate School Dean

Graduate School Dean Bill KarpusEvery five years, academic deans and directors of the university’s schools and colleges undergo a comprehensive review to assess their academic and administrative leadership and performance in such areas as communications, external relations, and resource management. The review includes interviews with faculty, staff and students, and with external stakeholders.

The review for Graduate School Dean Bill Karpus is underway. Karpus is the first dean of the Graduate School after the restructuring of the research and graduate education enterprise. This review is being conducted by a campus-wide committee, appointed by Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Steve Ackerman. The list of committee members is below.

The committee is collecting information in various ways. Your feedback is welcome. If you would like to provide information to the committee, please email the committee at

You may provide written feedback within the email or send an email to request an interview with the committee. You may also contact members of the committee directly. Interviews will be with a small subset (usually two members) of the committee and may be conducted by phone or videoconference.

To ensure your feedback is included please contact the committee by April 23.  To ensure confidentiality, any information, including written feedback, that you share with the committee will be described only in the aggregate in the report that will be presented to the Vice Chancellor or Research and Graduate Education, Chancellor and Dean Karpus.

The committee is comprised of:

Julie Underwood, Dean Emerita School of Education (Chair of the committee)

Jim Keck, professor of biomolecular chemistry and associate dean for basic sciences in the School of Medicine and Public Health

Bob Mathieu, professor of astronomy

Mallory Musolf, director of Office of Training Grant Support

Christa Olson, professor of English

Gail Robertson, professor of neuroscience and director, of theT32 training program in translational cardiovascular science

Bret Shaw, professor of life sciences communication

Mark Wegener, director of information technology for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education

Christopher Yue, assistant dean of diversity, inclusion and funding in the Graduate School