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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Phase 1 FAQs

How do I edit my previously submitted Research Reboot Proposal?

Follow this link back to the applications home, and log in with your NetID:   You should see a status window on the right side of the page. Above the blue Apply button, there is a link to get back to your previously submitted application. Click on it, and you will see all three tasks in the Research Reboot. In order to edit any of them, click on the name of the task, then click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner of the frame and choose Edit.


How do I download or save my proposal to a PDF?

From the application home screen, click on the ellipsis in the upper right of the Application/Activity pane.  Then click on Download.  In the popup window that follows, confirm the download by clicking on the green download button.


Why can’t I open the collaborator link sent to me from another person?

1) The email address used is not the same as your default address in SMA. If this is the case, ask the collaborator to re-add you using the email address you normally use.

2) You are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.  These browsers have not been successfully employed by our user base – please use Chrome or Firefox instead.


Can I use this form to apply for off campus research continuation? Yes, the form includes a field that asks about the site location.


Do cores need to fill out this form and be approved to reopen? Yes, the cores  are required to complete the application for research reboot for phase 1. It’s not a perfect fit for cores, but it does capture the on-site staffing plan so that various schools/departments/centers/building managers can manage building density for a safe return to campus.