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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Help us inventory research activity involving autonomous road vehicles

Currently, use of autonomous road vehicles (ARV) in research is not subject to federal or Wisconsin regulations. Nevertheless, use of ARVs in research as well as other campus operations is expected to grow significantly, with potential safety considerations and likely future state regulation.

At this time, a formal campus policy and use registration have not been implemented, although that could change in the future. However, in order to assess the level of use, we are requesting your help now in conducting an inventory of current and proposed research activities involving ARVs.

For each current or planned/proposed research activity involving ARVs in your school or college, please collect
the following information:
• Principal investigator name and contact information
• Description of vehicles, including level of autonomy
• Description of insurance policy
• How and where the AVRs are being/will be used
• Safety plan

Submit your inventory (using this spreadsheet) to Heather McFadden ( by March 15, 2020, and please contact Amy Wendt ( with any question.