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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Spring programs announced to help campus innovators implement their ideas

UW–Madison’s Discovery to Product (D2P) is accepting applications for two spring semester programs to help campus innovators implement their ideas, Innovation to Market (I2M) and Igniter.

If you are an innovator, seeker of a creative solutions, designer of novel approaches to social problems or a maker of impactful products, D2P wants to hear from you.

Both programs engage participants in iterative learning based on the scientific method, helping you move beyond ideas to informed implementation.

The five week I2M program is ideal for individuals or teams that are just getting started. Like a compass that helps point your idea in the right direction, I2M teaches you how to listen, learn, and pivot when necessary.

The eight week Igniter program is for teams further along in their journey. If I2M is a compass, Igniter is a road map that helps you develop and validate a plan for the infrastructure, finances, and operational aspects of how you will deliver your innovation to the world.

Applications to both programs are due on January 27, 2020. D2P is holding four open houses in mid-January with an overview of programs, free pizza, and ample time for Q&A. RSVP to attend an open house and learn more.