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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Public Access Service sports a new website and is looking for input

Most federal agencies and an increasing number of private foundations require that the published results of funded research be made publicly accessible through dedicated institutional repositories. These award terms ensure that the results of grant funding are open and accessible, providing transparency and increasing the speed of scientific discovery.

The Public Access Service helps researchers navigate this legal requirement through consultation, training, and submitting peer-reviewed manuscripts on behalf of investigators to single or multiple funders.

Originally launched as an Ebling Health Sciences Library service in 2008, the Public Access Service, with the support of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, has grown into a campus-wide unit serving researchers faculty and award management staff from all of the University’s schools, institutes and centers. 

The Public Access Service now has a new site and as part of its soft launch, staff are inviting users to share input for how to make the site even more useful.

“We’re excited to have a single spot for researchers and their staff to find the public access information or submission help they need,” says Ryan Schryver, public access compliance specialist – lead.

The official roll-out of the site in the Fall, but Schryver says users can send him any suggestions or comments they have regarding the site now.