Conflict of Interest and Outside Activities Reporting

Outside Activities Report (OAR)

The UW–Madison Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy requires disclosure of all outside financial interests that appear to be related to their institutional responsibilities. All faculty, regardless of appointment, all academic staff with 50% or greater appointment, and all individuals listed on human subjects protocols or federal grants are required to fill out an annual Outside Activities Report (OAR) and update whenever new outside activities are undertaken.

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The importance of outside activities at the UW–Madison is captured in the Wisconsin Idea, where knowledge gained from academic enterprise is shared to benefit society. Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in outside activities, share expertise, and transfer intellectual property to the private sector.

Participation in outside activities may generate conflicts between the needs of the institution and the outside entity. These conflicts may include financial, professional, temporal, or other concerns. UW–Madison asserts these conflicts are common, frequently unavoidable, and can often be appropriately managed.

A potential financial COI exists when an investigator has significant financial interests that could lead an independent observer to reasonably question whether the design, conduct, or reporting of research might be influenced by the possibility of personal gain to the individual or his or her immediate family.

UW–Madison has developed effective mechanisms to collect reports of outside activities, to evaluate these reports for the existence of significant financial interests (SFIs), and, if conflicts of interest exist, to manage or eliminate these conflicts in a transparent and effective manner.

Federal, State and University regulations cover SFIs arising from outside activities whenever the participants are involved in federally funded research or human subjects research.