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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Hitachi Broad Beam Ion Mill Demo on Oct 24, 2018

Hitachi and Geosciences to host a demo of IM40000Plus high-speed mill

The Hitachi IM4000 Ion Milling System was released in late 2010 as a device offering two key features: (a) as a hybrid ion-milling machine supporting both cross-section and flat milling—two widely used types of ion milling—the machine meets a wide variety of needs spanning the fields of material science and device engineering, and (b) the high-milling-rate ion gun of the IM4000, which allows the completion of ion-milling procedures in short periods of time.

Informational sessions and demonstrations – with refreshments – will be hosted at the Geosciences Building.  For more information and scheduling, please contact Bob Passeri, Midwest Manager, Hitachi High Technologies – America < >.